IT Infrastructure

Faiz Ventures provides best IT infrastructure for our customers that can meet their existing and future requirements without incurring unnecessary expense. Successful outcomes build upon an early and accurate alignment between scope, schedule and budget. Faiz Ventures understands that our reputation depends on your business performance.

Faiz Ventures has partnered with the leading OEMs of the world to offer cutting edge technologies aligned with latest technological research to empower our customers. Some of our infrastructure services includes;

  • Design and layout services of the data center
  • Design and implementation of IT cabinets
  • Design and implementation of UPS and power distribution
  • Design and implementation of generator and ATS
  • Design and implementation of battery systems
  • Design and implementation of computer room air conditioning and cooling distribution
  • Installation of raised flooring and fire detection systems and other dry-type suppression systems
  • Installation of environmental monitoring systems
  • Design and implementation of CCTV and IP-camera systems , access control systems
  • Design and implementation of structured cabling solutions
  • Design and implementation of cable pathways
  • Design and implementation of NOC, console and technical furniture
  • Design and implementation of network and security infrastructure
  • Installation of server and storage systems, KVM and remote access systems
  • Provision of Anti-virus for desktop and laptops

IT & Computer Hardware

Software Solutions

Faiz Ventures offer industry leading software solutions which are combination of our core strengths, domain and technology. Our insight into the evolving landscape along with our valuable experience enables us to define sound digital transformation strategies and compliment them with smart digital solutions so our customers always remain competitive and relevant to the dynamic environment. Our digital transformation solutions are extremely robust to effectively augment and enhance organizational efficiency of our affiliated customers.

IT & Business Consulting

Engaging Faiz Ventures will allow you to continue focusing on your operational tasks, as our consultants will analyze your organization and advise you on strategic direction allied with the strongest potential for stakeholder value. We strongly believe that operational effectiveness, although necessary for superior performance, is insufficient, because its techniques can be easily imitated by your competitors. In contrast, the essence of strategy is choosing a unique and valuable position rooted in systems of activities providing competitive advantage that are much harder to replicate.

Once your strategy has been formulated it is important to have the tactical capability to execute your chosen strategy. Over the years, our consultants have ensured that strategic insights can be converted into actionable plans at both the enterprise and business-unit level.

Faiz Ventures can be relied on all your strategic IT business strategies as Management Partner and also on the terms of Build, Operate & Transfer (BOT).

E-Government Programs

As part of Business and IT Consulting, Faiz Ventures offers a very defined, focused and packaged set of services specifically designed to enable E-Government and Smart Government. We help governments deliver customer-centric integrated services to citizens, businesses, residents and tourists via the web, mobile and other channels efficiently and effectively. We do this by combining service our optimization strategies with the latest technologies and our certified consultants.

FAIZ Ventures Tech Security As A Service

Faiz Ventures Security Operation Center and its team of security analysts monitor your organization’s IT infrastructure and business applications 24×7 and provide managed security that helps you harden and defend your IT infrastructure.

  • We deploy our cyber security equipment onto your IT environment and provide managed service
  • Our security analysts constantly monitor your systems and protect from incoming threats.
  • We hunt for threats and respond efficiently to targeted attacks on your organization.
  • Our security analysts act fast and decisively to protect you against the most advanced attacks.

Reduce your total cost of ownership and meet the requirements of PCI DSS and regulations like GDPR.

Resource Outsourcing

The Outsourcing Offerings by Faiz Ventures aims to address the requirements of cost-saving coupled with Expert technical services. Our certified and talented pool of web designers, software engineers, programmers, and technical architects have vast experience across several industry domains which add tremendous value to client projects. The engagement models offered by FAIZ VENTURES can be broadly classified as resource and project outsourcing Models in order to offer high flexibility to best fit in our clients outsourcing requirements

Faiz Ventures offers offshore professional services of its highly qualified and experienced resource pool to its clients in Pakistan & globally. In other words a technology professional, dedicated to our client, working from Faiz Enterprise’s offshore facility. In case the resource requirement is long term and for a specific profile not available in Faiz Ventures’ resource pool, Faiz Ventures can also support in hiring a new resource with the recommended profile.